Friday, 17 March 2017

[NEW UPDATE] MMM,Twinkas,3cash & ultimate cycler Clone Script Available At Very Affordable price

Do you want to build your own network website like MMM, Twinkas or Ultimate Cycle,, I have the scripts and can help you build them.

You can get the script on this website at the following prices

MMM  Clones Script = 15k

  • auto merging
  • referal bonus
  • bitcoin/cash pay option  Clone Script = 10K

  • auto merging
  • POP upload

Twinkas Clone Script = 40k

  • auto merge
  • manual merge
  • auto/manual purge
  • Awesome interface =60k

  • auto 
  • manual merging = 60k

  • manual merging
  • POP upload
  • Referal Bonus
  • Email notification to users
  • admin mass email
  • Awesome Interface = 60k
  • manual merging
  • auto merging
  • purge button
  • captcha  verification (for security)
  • Awesome interface

Cost of Installation and Customization = 30k (hosting and domain not inclusive)

If you need any of the script, kindly contact me on phone or whatsapp 08104353470


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