Monday, 25 September 2017

Download Elanol To Send Free SMS To Any Number With Your Android Phone.

Elanol App is an android application that allows you send SMS text messages for free. Elanol also allows you send bulk SMS free of charge.

The app is a new app with considerable few installations according to Google Playstore stats, this is probably because it's not yet popular. But I see it having a boom when it's known by many people although most of us are no longer sending text messages as WhatsApp and other social media platforms has gradually replaced SMS

So you can download Elanol Apk for Android to send free SMS and enjoy chatting with other people on the platform. The app is developed by Elanol Tech; seems like a Nigerian guy. As of the time of this post l have personally downloaded and tested the app and can testify for its functionality.

This application has a lots of features designed to suit your interest and its fully developed for sending FREE messages to your loved ones. With this application you can easily send free messages(SMS) to your family, friends, neighbors and your loved ones, it also allows you to chat with other users of the app and lots more

You can also share photos with your family and friends as well as sending SMS chats, It gives you an utmost privilege to send a message to any network around the universe. In other words, no network is restricted


  1. Excellent platform for chatting with friends, family members and showcasing yourself and your businesses to the world.
  2. It allows you to send FREE SMS to your friends, clients, customers and loved ones at no cost.
  3. Sharing of Stickers and Pictures with your loved ones.
  4. You get latest news around the globe via real time feed.
  5. It allows you to advertise your product to the world for FREE.
  6. It's FREE to download and use.

How to download the app
  • Download Elanol App Apk here
  • Install it and follow the on-screen instructions to register and enjoy free SMS on your phone.

NOTE: The app request for access to your phonebook, contacts, messages, and gallery. So you are responsible for the permissions you grant the app when installing as I can't vouch for its safety as of the time of publishing this. I don't know the app owner


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